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The Impact of Divorce on Children

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Children are often a central point of conflict in a divorce, and ironically, parents are typically concerned about how the conflict will impact their children. Conflict is inevitable when people separate, but it is important...

Ten Reasons Why Couples Divorce

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While divorce rates in the United States are on the decline, the prevalence of divorce is still very apparent in modern America. Couples separate for a multitude of reasons, but most marriages end because of...

How to Explain Divorce to Your Children

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Many close friends and family members will try to give you advice on how to deal with your divorce. One of the most difficult matters to deal with is telling the kids. It may be...

Is your partner too controlling?

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Are You in a Controlling Relationship? “Feeling constantly controlled or manipulated will over time destroy your confidence, make you anxious and depressed, and often isolates you from people and situations that make you feel good...