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    Mediation Encourages Collaboration, Cooperation and Mutual Respect

  • Father with Child near Montebello
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Family and Divorce Mediator in Montebello

Are you searching for a divorce mediator near Montebello? Are you looking for a cost effective approach to resolving your divorce? Are you wondering if mediation is the right route for you?

Leyla Balakhane is a distinguished and experienced mediator, facilitator, coach, and trainer in the Montebello area specializing in highly-charged divorce and family mediation. She is a member of the Los Angeles County Bar Association (LACBA) Arbitration Panel, a Certified Practitioner of the Academy of Professional Family Mediators (APFM), and an active member of the Southern California Mediation Association.

Divorce and Family Law Mediator Montebello

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Going through a divorce can be emotionally taxing, extremely costly, and legally confusing. Choosing divorce mediation can help alleviate those challenges as mediators support individuals in processing any issues that arise, all while maintaining the autonomy and agency of those involved. If you are looking to file for divorce, mediation will create a space for you to find amicable resolutions with less conflict and legal costs.

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Divorce mediation is a popular process used by a couple in divorce to avoid a costly and lengthy divorce trial. With the assistance of a neutral third-party mediator, agreements are reached on all divorce issues: division of property and debts, spousal support, parenting issues including time- sharing, child custody, and child support. Since all agreements are made in mediation, spouses never have to enter a courtroom and can avoid the conflict and stress of litigation.

- Mediation Encourages Collaboration, Cooperation and Mutual Respect -