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About Leyla

Leyla Balakhane, Divorce and Family Law Mediator.

About us
Leyla Balakhane is a distinguished and experienced mediator, facilitator, coach, and trainer who specializes in highly-charged divorce and family mediation. Leyla is a passionate mediator who has always felt drawn to help others navigate conflicts and advocate for children who will inevitably shape our society.

Every child deserves to have a happy, safe and loving home environment and Leyla is committed to helping make that a reality.

Leyla was elected to serve on the Board of Directors of the Southern California Medication Association (SCMA) where she can directly impact current and future mediation. Leyla is a member of the Los Angeles County Bar Association Arbitration Panel (LACBA), SCMA, and a Certified Advanced Practitioner of the Academy of Professional Family Mediators (APFM). Leyla trains a wide range of professionals in the field of family law mediation through her leadership in monthly meetings with SCMA’s Professional Development Group for Family Law.
Leyla’s extensive experience as a mediator is not only utilized with families, but has also prepared her to provide training in mediation at various universities and professional organizations. She is an expert in the field of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), and her approach to divorce is effective, compassionate, and economical.
Leyla serves as a mentor for the mediators at Edmund D. Edelman Children’s Court where she trains mediators and resolves Juvenile dependency disputes such as shared parental responsibility, termination of parental rights, and adoption disputes.

Leyla empowers her clients to explore options that are tailored toward the specific needs of their families. She helps her clients shape their family’s future, explore the best possible outcomes, negotiate appropriate compromises, and directly participate in the decision-making process.
Having considerable knowledge and a keen sensitivity to cross-cultural issues, Leyla’s approach to mediation encourages empathy and understanding to get to the heart of the conflict. She responds directly to the needs of each spouse and is mindful that every family is unique.

Leyla is praised for alleviating grievances that can often come with a separation and she encourages parents to commit to strengthening their relationships. Through mediation, the family will be supported using a cooperative approach that allows parents to collaboratively reconcile the prospect of continued teamwork and positive communication while also tending to the best interests of their children.

Leyla extends her mediation services to those who are struggling with conflict regarding important life decisions. She mediates the following issues, in addition to divorce:

  • Adoption
  • Interpersonal relations
  • Family businesses
  • Guardianship
  • Conservatorship and eldercare
  • Pre-marital Mediation (i.e., prenuptial agreements)
  • Post-marital Mediation (modifications of existing orders)
  • Dissolution of non-marital relationships (domestic partnerships);
  • Teen issues
  • Parent coordination
  • Blended Family mediation
  • Cohabitation agreements

Mediation Experience

  • Balakhane Mediation–Family Law Mediator
  • Britton White Mediation Services – Family Law Mediator
  • Los Angeles Bar Association – Fee Arbitrator
  • Children’s Courthouse – Supervise and mentor mediators and law students in performing child custody and visitation arrangements, draft mediation agreements, and create parenting plans that are informed by the court exit orders
  • ADR Panel, Los Angeles Superior Court–Served as a mediator in family law and civil disputes
  • LA Mediate, Family Law Mediator Panel –Served as a Family Law Mediator
  • Center for Dispute Resolution Panel – Served as a mediator in Los Angeles Superior Court for small claims resulting in 90% in written settlement agreements
  • California Academy of Mediation Professionals (CAMP) Mediator Panel – Mediated unlawful detainer, civil harassment, elderly abuse, domestic violence, limited jurisdiction, and small claims cases
  • Inglewood Superior Courthouse – Volunteer at the legal clinic for domestic violence restraining orders
  • Mosten Mediation Training, Mediation Coach – 40 Hour Divorce Mediation
  • USC Gould School of Law, Mediation Coach – Children & Dependency Mediation
  • Pepperdine and USC Law School, Mediation Trainer and Coach – Courtroom Mediation Skills

Mediation Training & Education

Balakhane Mediation: Family and Divorce Mediation
Academy of Professional Family Mediators

- Mediation Encourages Collaboration, Cooperation and Mutual Respect -