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why mediate in los angeles

Why Mediation?

Below you’ll find several reasons to choose mediation over litigation.

Reasons to Mediate

Reasons to Mediate

Is there a realistic alternative to the legal system? I believe there is. It is one in which results are obtained voluntarily, and decisions are made by consensus…. It is one in which people are encouraged to act honestly, empathetically, collaboratively, humbly, and creatively;… where people are allowed to be human, direct, and open; where anyone can understand what is happening and participate fully without professional jargon. It is one without coercion, that encourages collaboration and permits both sides to win. It is mediation.
– Ken Cloke

why mediate
why mediate?

Mediation awards families better outcomes in their divorce proceedings, and it enables families to control the terms of their divorce. As your mediator, I will guide you through the decision making process, eliminating the high costs of a traditional divorce route while facilitating meaningful and productive discussions on the issues of parenting, support and the division of your property and debt.

Child’s best interests: Mediation reduces conflict, which allows for an easier adjustment for you and your children. Through understanding, open communication and guided conflict, I will work to help you to reach agreements that focus on the needs of your children and develop a positive parenting plan in the best interests of the family.

Mediation is Cost-Effective: Mediation saves time and money. Rather than paying for the costs of two lawyers, you pay for one mediator. With a trial, the process generally takes longer, so these fees can spiral out of control. Tack on the fees for conducting discovery, hiring financial and custody experts and preparing court documents, etc., and you are quickly eating into the assets you are trying to divvy up. As a mediator, I coordinate the use of accountants, appraisers and other experts as needed so that there is no duplication in the process.

There is faster resolution: Unlike court proceedings, which can take two to six years, mediation can be scheduled and completed in a matter of days. You can reach a resolution at your own pace. By avoiding the costs associated with an in-court divorce, you will emerge more financially stable.

There is greater confidentiality: When you go through the courts, your private affairs are no longer private-for example, financial details or parenting issues. With mediation, in contrast, you only meet with your spouse and your mediator. And your mediator signs a confidentiality agreement, further safeguarding your privacy.

Individual Attention: While working with me during the process of mediation, you will have the benefit of individual attention. This additional time and consideration typically results in better solutions that reflect your personal values, beliefs, and concerns.

Open Communication: Rather than a battle, you and your spouse are having a conversation about what is best for your family moving forward. Even if communication has broken down entirely, the mediation process gets it flowing again so that all needs are heard.

You control the process: Mediation gives you control over the terms of your agreement. In litigation, as contrasted to mediation, decisions will be made about your life (and your children’s lives) by a judge. By choosing mediation, you work with me to collectively decide on the best solution for everyone.


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- Mediation Encourages Collaboration, Cooperation and Mutual Respect -

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