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Balakhane Mediation includes On-line Divorce and Family Mediation Services where all Mediation Sessions are conducted on-line. Contact us to learn more.
los angeles divorce mediation resources

Mediation Resources For Divorce & Family Law

Please be advised that the resources listed below may contain information that applies to varying situations, and may not be applicable to every conflict.

Mediation Resources

Mediation Resources to Help You Succeed

Professional consultation is encouraged, so that you can learn about and understand your rights as you proceed with conflict resolution. Many of these resources are free and available for those in need.


For Evaluating Assets

For Parents

These websites offer unique tools to help divorcing and divorced parents through difficult transitions.

This video has useful information to help parents learn how to co-parent together cooperatively for the benefit of their child. Smart Parent Advice has a great article with tips for communicating well with children.

Reading Guides

  • These books can help you and your family prepare for and recover from your divorce:
  • Long Distance Parenting by Miriam Cohen (New America Library, 1989)
  • My Kids Don’t Live with Me Anymore by Doreen Virtue (CompCare, 1988)
  • Quality Time: Easing the Children Through Divorce by Melvin Goldsband (McGraw-Hill, 1985)
  • Teens are Non-Divorceable: A Workbook for Divorced Parents and Their Children Ages 12-18 by Sara Bonkowski (ACTA Publications, 1990)
  • Helping Your Child Succeed After Divorce by Florence Bienefeld (Hunter House, 1987)

Books for Children

  • The Boys & Girls Book about Divorce, by Richard Gardner, M.D. (Bantam Books, 1970).
  • Dinosaurs Divorce by Laurence Krasy Brown & Marc Brown (Little Brown & Co., 1986).
  • The Divorce Workbook by Sally Ives (Waterfront Books, 1985)
  • How it Feels when Parents Divorce by Jill Krementz (Alfred A. Knopf, 1988)
  • How to Get it Together When Your Parents are Coming Apart by Arlene Richards and Irene Willis (Bantam Books, 1977)
  • Step Kids: A Survival Guide for Teenagers in Step-Families by Ann Getzoff and Carolyn McClenahan (Walker and Co., 1984)
  • What’s Going to Happen to Me? When Parents Separate and Divorce by Eda Leahan (Alladin Books, 1986).
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