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Articles & Press

Leyla has published articles on a variety of websites that focus on life after divorce.

Articles & Press

Published Articles

California Divorce Mediation Checklist

Divorce can be a devastating emotional process, regardless whether it is contested or uncontested. Once divorce papers are served, the lives of family members will irrevocably change. It is typically accompanied by harsh judgments and the need for a time to grieve. Two key choices the participants can make will significantly minimize the emotional damage and substantially reduce the trauma to the individuals and the family.

How Mediation Lessens Divorce Stress On Children

Separation and divorce has lasting and varied consequences for families. For children, their coping methods are heavily influenced by their parents’ relationship. If the separation is characterized by increased conflict, it creates a stressful environment for children.

10 Reasons Couples Divorce: Do You See Yourself Here?

Couples divorce for a multitude of reasons, but most marriages end because of fairly common issues. Whether it be a lack of communication or extreme differences in values, both experts and couples commonly report the following ten reasons for why couples divorce.

How Will Your Children React To You Dating Again?

Understandably, telling your kids you are seeing new people is difficult. They could react in a variety of ways. At worst, they could be angry at you for attempting to “replace” their other parent, and at best, they could completely accept your choice to begin dating again.

3 Tips For Reducing Loneliness After Divorce

Many couples regard their relationship as a source of comfort, reassurance, and identity. Once you are stripped of the confines of your marriage, it is difficult to find who you are outside of it.

8 Things To Consider When Communicating With Your Ex

Communication is an integral part of our lives, as we are constantly called to interact with others to complete tasks, gain information, etc. While communicating should be easily performed, unforeseen circumstances may make even the simple act of saying “hello” difficult.

Creating Effective Parenting Plans: Working With Your Children’s Developmental Needs

Co-parenting does not work unless parents strive to cooperate with each other for the benefit of their children and create an effective parenting plan. And while cooperation is certainly important, parents should also consider how their children may respond to separation at different ages.

What Are The Steps In The Mediation Process (Mediate.com)

Before couples decide the best course of action when separating, it is helpful to know the essential steps of the mediation process.

Long Term Effects of Divorce on Children: Protecting Your Child Through Divorce

Children are often affected by the divorce process. Naturally, parents become very concerned with how such conflict and separation will impact their children.

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