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Balakhane Mediation includes On-line Divorce and Family Mediation Services where all Mediation Sessions are conducted on-line. Contact us to learn more.


Mode of Delivery: Hybrid (Zoom and In-Person)

Online Sessions
(via Zoom):

Dates: Tuesdays and Thursdays

August: 13, 15, 20, 22, 27, 29

September: 3, 5

Time: 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Special Extended
Online Session:

Date: Saturday, August 17

Time: 9:00 AM – 2:30 PM

In-Person Sessions:

Dates: Monday, September 9

and Tuesday, September 10

Location: Downtown Los Angeles

Time: 9:00 AM – 3:30 PM

About Mediation Mastery

Embark on a transformative journey with our 40-hour mediation training, meticulously crafted for the mediator entrepreneur seeking to excel in the field. Participants will learn to master both the art of mediation and strategies to launch a successful mediation practice. Led by esteemed mediators Leyla Balakhane and Jennifer Johnston Terando, R.N., Esq., this course delves deep into the intricacies of mediation, offering a comprehensive understanding of its components.

Recognizing the constraints of human attention spans and dedicated to making this an enjoyable and educational experience, Leyla and Jennifer have designed a highly interactive training series. This program will feature dynamic teachings by Leyla and Jennifer, eight renowned guest speakers, intensive workshops on civil and divorce cases, as well as a Running Your Practice Bootcamp and a Marketing Bootcamp. Participants will actively apply their newfound skills in real-time scenarios, fostering a dynamic learning environment.

Beyond the training, Leyla and Jennifer will extend their support through post-training coffee chats, offering ongoing guidance and mentorship. Presented in collaboration with Alternative Resolution Centers, this immersive experience promises unparalleled growth and networking opportunities for mediators.

Registration Cost: $2,195.00

Early Bird Pricing: $1,895.00 – Ends May 31

SCMA/APFM Members: $1,895.00

Register by May 31st to take advantage of our early bird discount and save on your registration fee!

About the Presenters

Leyla Balakhane, a skilled mediator in divorce and family matters, shows true excellence and care in resolving conflicts. Her wide experience as a leader, mentor, and educator has led her to devote her career to promoting empathy and understanding in family matters. She is deeply committed to ensuring every child can grow up in an environment filled with happiness, safety, and love. Leyla represents the true essence of kindness and dedication, serving as a prime example of making a real impact on society.

As a member of the Board of Directors of the Southern California Mediation Association (SCMA), Leyla has the opportunity to influence the direction of the field, and as the chair of membership with SCMA, she plays a crucial role in shaping the future of mediation. Her dedication and service have been recognized with the prestigious 2023 President’s Award from the Southern California Mediation Association (SCMA), highlighting her significant influence and commitment. Leyla’s expertise and achievements have earned her recognition as a distinguished member of the Los Angeles County Bar Association Arbitration Panel (LACBA), the SCMA, and a Certified Advanced Practitioner of the Academy of Professional Family Mediators (APFM). She also sparks inspiration in her colleagues as the head of the monthly SCMA’s Professional Development Group for Family Law Mediators. With her extensive knowledge and expertise, she generously shares her wisdom and guidance with fellow professionals, elevating their abilities and empowering them to reach new heights. And through her connections, she brings in the most sought-after speakers to impart their knowledge and inspire growth in the field. Leyla plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of family mediation, both locally and globally. As a Board of Directors for the Academy of Professional Family Mediators, she brings her extensive knowledge and experience to the forefront, tirelessly working to refine and elevate family mediation practices. Globally, Leyla works with the Academy of Professional Family Mediators State, National, and International Mediation Associations committee. This role puts her at the core of worldwide efforts, where she collaborates with leading mediation experts globally. Her work is crucial in promoting their goals, sharing a common vision, and greatly advancing the practice of mediation worldwide.

At Edmund D. Edelman Children’s Court, she mentors other mediators, helping them navigate complex situations that affect children. Leyla empowers her clients, working with each family to discover options that fit their unique needs, thereby enabling them to have a say in shaping their future.

Leyla’s ability to mediate is deeply rooted in empathy and understanding, which allows her to uncover the core of each dispute and reduce the stress and tension common in separations. Her collaborative method motivates families to work towards mending relationships, fostering positive dialogue, and making choices that serve their children’s best interests.

You can learn more about Leyla HERE.

Jennifer Terando, registered nurse, attorney and mediator, Jennifer has gone through extensive mediation training, including through the Los Angeles County Bar Association, Mediating the Litigated Case at the Straus Institute, The Southern California Mediation Association, and Early Dispute Resolution Training through the American Arbitration Association. Jennifer serves as a mediator with a focus on cases, involving medical and health law issues. In addition to providing private mediation services, Jennifer is a panel member of the following panels: The Los Angeles Superior Court Mediation Referral Panel, The Mediation Center of Los Angeles, The American Health Law Dispute Resolution Center, and provides volunteer mediation services to the Los Angeles Superior Court through the Center for Conflict Resolution. Jennifer is the immediate Past President of The Southern California Mediation Association.

You can learn more about Jennifer HERE.

Sue Gramacy
Sue Gramacy
October 25, 2022.
I recommend Leyla Balakhane for resolving family disputes. She listens carefully, appreciates the emotions and needs that underline each conversation . She is genuinely concerned with the well being of all parties involved. She is very effective. What’s great is she always focuses on the best interest of the children. I have worked with Leyla for over 10 years and have watched her work her magic with families. Sue Gramacy
Stacey Lisk
Stacey Lisk
October 14, 2022.
Leyla Balakhane was one of the supervising mediators that worked with us at Edmund D Edelman Children’s Court. Given that she was one of the top mediators working on unlawful detainer cases, she was referred by a judge who found her to be incredibly gifted in what she does and felt that she would be a great asset in working with families. Leyla has a natural ability to connect with the families and helping them reach agreements that is far above whats required. Given that she was very interested in growing in her practice, she was able to help create a more in-depth and detailed parenting checklist which led to a higher success rate in or mediations at the Children’s Court. Because of Leyla many families have more profound and insightful agreements. I would add supervising mediator
Your RN Attorney Jennifer Johnston Terando
Your RN Attorney Jennifer Johnston Terando
October 12, 2022.
Leyla Balakhane is knowledgable, compassionate, and effective. I highly recommend her as a mediator.
Shsavina TehrNi
Shsavina TehrNi
October 10, 2022.
Thank you Leyla for helping us finalize a very difficult journey. We are able to have a better coparenting relationship because of everything you taught us. We are both very grateful for helping us resolve all issues in an amicable manner.
Rachel Hsiung
Rachel Hsiung
March 17, 2022.
Leyla is professional, patient and wonderful person to work with. She’s a good negotiator and listener to help her clients to get amicable results.
Noah Stern
Noah Stern
October 9, 2021.
Layla is a superb mediator. She helped my family through a tough time with ease. I highly recommend Leyla for any family going through a challenging time.
sepideh doust
sepideh doust
March 28, 2021.
Leyla Balakhane was my supervising mediator at children's courthouse. She taught me great communication tools to implement in my mediation practice. She helps the family, social worker, attorneys, and others involved in the case facilitate meaningful discussion and resolve the issues sent to mediation. Her level of wisdom is uncanny. She is able to bring awareness for parents to make the best decision for their family. I would highly recommend her as a skilled mediator in the field of family mediation.
Zak Shapiro
Zak Shapiro
January 22, 2021.
Leyla is an exemplary mediator for couples going through a divorce. She has the couples best interest in mind at all times through out the mediation process. She truly supports couples in making the best decision for them, whether its to help work towards reconciliation or agree on divorce terms. She helps couple find creative and collaborative solutions for their division of assets and debts. She is patient and understanding of what both parties are going though, and she carefully and thoughtfully helps to find a solution. I Cannot recommend her enough!
Matthew Khorsandi
Matthew Khorsandi
September 28, 2020.
Leyla is an incredible mediator with a wealth of knowledge and experience. Most importantly, she genuinely cares for the people she works with. Highly recommend.